Since 1993 the Friends have worked to promote and improve public awareness of the Vancouver City Archives, its services and projects. We promote the use of the resources and services of the Archives by the general public and professionals, and support the development of archival services and facilities of the City of Vancouver.

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We encourage the  appreciation of the history of this amazing city and help individuals, businesses, clubs, and other groups to value their important documents and photographic images, including their donation and preservation by the City of Vancouver Archives. From family photo albums to corporate records, these resources become important to future generations of researchers, writers, genealogists and news reporters.


An evening with Craig Winslow – light artist, Portland OR and Matt Cohen – urban archeologist, Winnipeg, MB
in conversation with Elana Zysblat and John Atkin, heritage consultants and and Friends of the Vancouver Archives Directors about a new augmented restoration project and technique invented by Portland-based light artist, Craig Winslow, coined by him as ‘Light Capsules’, involving the digital revitalization of worn historical advertisements through the non-invasive technology of projection, utilizing emerging light and video mapping technology, which both highlights and preserves fading painted signs while simultaneously creating engaging public art.

Craig Winslow will talk about about his technique, his passion and some of his favourite completed projects around North America and joining Craig will be urban archeologist, Matt Cohen of Winnipeg, who has single-handedly researched over 100 ghost signs in Winnipeg’s Exchange District and has collaborated with Craig on a restoration event of several of these signs called Painted In Light. Guest moderators will be Friends of the Vancouver City Archives directors and heritage consultants Elana Zysblat and John Atkin who will bring forward local ghost sign examples and questions as well as an understanding of the technical conservation options regarding painted signs.

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